Chickamauga Reservoir Cemeteries

Chickamauga Reservoir Cemeteries
James L. Douthat

The area of this reservoir is found in Hamilton, Rhea, Meigs and Monroe Counties, Tennessee.

At a total cost of $12,000.00, T.V.A. surveyed the basin for the Chickamauga Reservoir and removed the graves from 24 of the 55 cemeteries found there. There were about 3100 graves in the water shed of the reservoir and 1300 of these were removed to six re-internment cemeteries located nearby. The primary function of this material is to show the plat maps of each of the cemeteries and list the graves involved. This reservoir is found in Hamilton, Rhea, Meigs and Monroe Counties.

Example from this volume:

#9 - RAWLSTON CEMETERY - Located on the NE Hixson tract on the right bank of the Tennessee River at mile 479, contains 24 graves, several monuments, all under fence, and general appearance of cemetery is good. Elevation of the lowest grave is 735. Present access to cemetery is by trail from the Harrison Ferry Road which will be flooded by the Chickamauga Reservoir, but more desirable access is to be provided by the construction of the county road in lieu of the present Harrison Ferry Road. I recommend that this cemetery not be moved. Here follows the listing of 24 graves with one possible that is unknown. The dates of births and death and source of information about the grave is given.

paper, 141 pp.

ISBN 978-0-7884-9113-9