1830 Roane County, Tennessee Census Records



Roane County was created in 1801 from Knox County and was name for Archibald Roane, the Governor of Tennessee during this time. Located in this county was Fort Southwest Point at the confluence of the Tennessee, Clinch and Powell Rivers which was very important in the development and settlement of Tennessee. This fort, started in 1793, was the western most point for settlers in this area and many immigrants came here for protection from the Indians. The Indians came here to trade and treaty with the whites as the Federal Government established the Cherokee Agency with the appointment of Colonel Return Jonathan Meigs as agent. As treaties settled lands further south, the Agency was moved a number of times during Meigs time in office [1801-1824].

Example from this volume:

“Page 40
John Roads 10001-00011
Richard Jones 10110001-0100001
John Nethery 00002-00001, etc., etc.”


James L. Douthat


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