Roster of Upper East Tennessee Confederate Veterans


This roster of Civil War Veterans, in the private collection of the McClister family of Morristown, TN, contains personal and service records of Civil War soldiers who originally resided in Bartholomew, Blount, Bosque, Carther, Claiborne, Clark, Cocke, Fayette, Fulton, Grainer, Greene, Hamilton, Hamblen, Hancock, Hawkins, Jefferson, Johnson, Knoxville, Monroe, Sullivan, and Washington Counties. Sample Entries:

Albert Acuff, Ruthledge, Gra(iner), TN. Company: H, Regiment: 36 State: TN, Pvt. Wounded in Murfreesboro, TN on Jan 2, '63, Arm & Shoulder, Paroled April 26, 1865 at Chester, S.C., Beneficiary of W.B. Tate Fund

D.J. Robertson, Morristown, Ham(ilton), TN, Enlisted Jun 25, '61, Company: I, Regiment: 2, State: TN Cav., Pvt, Died Aug. 16, 1890

There is a remarks column with additional information. Sample Remarks:

I am promoted to Clerkship in Qr. Mast Dept in Dec. 1862 and remained until September 1, 1863. I then rejoined Regt. and was with it continuelly until wounded at Franklin TN Nov '64 and taken to Hospital at Franklin and kept until fall of Richmond when I as permitted to go to Co. McEwan's from there to hospital at Nashville from which I was charged getting home in ? July 29, 1863.

IMPORTANT: Please note, this publication does NOT contain all the records of upper East Tennessee Confederate Veterans but only those contained in the McClister private Collection.


James L. Douthat 


paper, 35 pp.

ISBN:  9780788491207