Johnson County, Tennessee Tax Lists 1836-1839

Johnson County was created in 1836 out of a part of Carter County and named in honor of Cave Johnson. The first settlers came into this area in 1770. These tax list are taken by the first civil districts which were created in Tennessee in 1835 by the State Legislature. The information in this book helps to narrow down the area where the settlers were located at the time.

Example from this volume:

District No. 1 - page 41
#62 - Wincel, Philip H. 191 acres valued $800.
#63 Wilson, Abr & Ric’d Donnally
#64 Willson, Alexander
#65 Wilson, Benjamin
#66 Wilson, Andrew L.
Etc., etc.



James L. Douthat


1988, paper, 92 pp.

ISBN: 9780788491245