Revolutionary War Pension Applications From Roane County, Tennessee


Roane County was not involved in the Revolutionary War as such, but many of the volunteers in the conflict came into this area as settlers. When the United States Congress passed legislation to allow for payment of pensions for service in this conflict, persons involved then sent in their applications. In this volume, there are 24 Revolutionary War applications as well as one application for each of the following conflicts: Indian War, War of 1812 and Mexican War. In each application, the volunteer has to prove his service with records. Most of them had to declare the need for support due to a lack of funds, age, illness, etc.

Example from this volume:

Application of Cronamus Acre
“That I am by Occupation a farmer And that my family consist of the following persons: My wife Barbra 45 years of Age[;] Catherine his daughter age 31 years[;] Christeen 15 years of age[;] Louisa age 14 years[;] one son David 19 years old. That he this declarant is scarcely able to do anything for his own support that his Wife is afflicted with Rheumatic pains frequently confined to her bed. And that his Daughter and son he supposes could support themselves by their labour - and that he is at this time Indebted $334.63 ½ cents.” Etc. etc.

Marilee Douthat

1988, paper, 32 pp.

ISBN: 9780788491368