Fourth Survey District of Tennessee 1808-1810: John McClellan's Survey Book


This 1808 through 1810 volume is part of the first major survey of Tennessee lands by the State. A portion of the Fourth Survey District of Tennessee, it covers Anderson, Bledsoe, Campbell, Knox, Overton, Rhea, and Roane Counties. A plat map accompanies each survey.

At the time, many present Tennessee counties were not in existence and some of the residences mentioned could well be within one of the modern counties of Cumberland, Morgan, Scott, and Fentress. The abstracting of these surveys includes all names appearing in original survey, neighbors, and pertinent information concerning the property.

The author provides instructions for obtaining an official copy of a plat and survey.


Page #8
Surveyed 12 March 1808 for Elias Ferguson, 168 acres claimed by right of improvement occupancy and pre-emption in Rhea County on the head-waters of ... adjacent to John Wassons corner, east to William Johnsons' second corner, south to where John Wasson's line intersects said Johnsons and with said Wasson's line west to his corner, including his improvement where he now lives.

Plat Map Below Included In Entry *Enlarged For Clarity*

Plat Map

James L. Douthat

paper, 99 pp.

ISBN: 9780788491375