1860 Hamilton County, Tennessee Census Records


When the microfilm version of this county census was released, the pages were out of order and the beginning was “...James age 1...”. Only with a computer could this have been re-ordered into the numerical order of the family/household numbers. At this point, James came into the proper family later on. This was transcribed just as the microfilm placed the order, but then when finished, it was re-ordered into the numerical order for ease of reading the research. If one attempts to go back to the microfilm to verify the transcription, it can be done, but with great difficulty. The civil districts are given in the text of the transcription and then a listing plus a reference map is given to show where these districts are located. Some liberties were taken with this as there is no map surviving that gave the information and one had to be created from older Civil District maps and then the location of where the families lived. As a research tool prior to the Civil War, historian and genealogist will find this a valuable resource.

Example from this listing:

Page 54 - District No. 13 - Zion Hill - 12 June 1860 - J. B. Peters, enumerator: #372- #374 - SMITH, Caleb 69 m farmer 2500/5000 SC; Sarah 54 F; Huldah 21 F; Pleasant 16 m.

1989, paper, 101 pp.

ISBN: 9780788491467