Jefferson County, Tennessee Will Book 3, 1826-1833


Jefferson County is located in mid-east Tennessee and thus has travelers from western North Carolina and upper east Tennessee/Virginia. This was a cross roads to the migration path westward. This will book reflect on those who were here at the time as they left a paper trail. You can expect to find here the wills, settlements and inventories of those estates given. Sometimes, the will is stated and many years later the final settlement is accomplished.

Example from this volume:

Page 121 - Settlement of Estate of Andrew Donaldson Dec’d - Settlement with Willliam Donaldson, administrator - two notes on John Hodges, two lots & house given up by said Hodges now property of Andrew Donaldson Dec’d. House & lots in Russellville. Amounts paid to A. Austin, Dan D. Andrew, Mary Donaldson, Jones & Greenway, Walter Evans, John Wester. Etc. etc.



Toni Jollay Prevost


1989, paper, 75 pp.

ISBN: 9780788491474