Entry Books of Fentress County, Tennessee Volumes A B C 1824-1901


Abstracted from Deed Books A, B, and C, this volume contains land records for Fentress County, Tennessee from 1824 through 1901. Each record includes entry number, entree, date recorded, number of acres, and general location of tract. If the entry was a result of a land grant, the grant number follows the entry number.

When available, roads, water courses, places of interest, and prior owner(s) are included.


p. 949; 5-15-1849, 1,000 Acres, Jeffrey Richardson and Hiran Crabtree
Cumberland Mountain waters of Wolf River in District #3 ... Thomas Crabtree corner about 100 yards from little Hiram Crabtree's fence ... forks of road leading from John Huff's to Jamestown ... including place where said Richardson now lives and the residence of Hiram Crabtree, Sr.

paper, 97 pp.

ISBN: 9780788491535