Tennessee History & Biographies: Cannon County


Tennessee History & Biographies: Cannon County. Goodspeed. 

Originally pubished by Goodspeed in 1887, this 16-page, 8.5" x 11" oversized reprint is packed with names and sketches of Cannon County pioneers and complimented by a history of the county.

Included in publication but NOT included in family sketch surnames index (below) are:

  • Names of Sheriffs & Terms in Office
  • Names of Clerks of the County Court & Terms in Office
  • Names of Clerks of the Circuit Court & Terms in Office
  • Names of Registers & Terms in Office
  • Names of Trustees & Terms in Office
Surnames Included In This Publication

Allen, Anderson, Andrews, Arant

Bailey, Barklay, Barnes, Barton, Bates, Beatie, Bethell, Blodes, Brerard, Brevard, Brewer,
Brin, Broom, Brown, Bryson, Burger, Bynum

Cannon, Carlee, Carson, Cathey, Cheatham, Cherry, Clark, Clay, Corlee, Cumings, Cummings

Davis, Dement, Dillahunty, Dillon, Duncan, Eledge, Elkins, Elledge, Ellison, Espy, Essary, Evans

Farr, Ferrell, Finley, Flowers, Ford, Foster, Fowler, Frazier, Fugett, Fugitt, Fuller, Fuson

Garrison, George, Gilliam, Goodwin, Gowan, Gray, Gribble, Grizzle

Haley, Hare, Harrison, Hawkins, Henry, Hern, Hicks, Hill, Hoas, Hogwood, Hollis, Hoover, Houston, Huston

James, Jarrett, Jetton, Jones,, Kittrell

Lance, Lassater, Lester, Lewis, Lilly, Lockey

McBroom, McBrown, McClain, McCreary, McFerrin, Mackleroy, McKnight, McMillan, McMillian, Martin, Mears, Melton, Merritt, Middleton, Miles, Milton, Mingle, Mitchell, Moorhead, Moody, Moore, Mouser, Murry

Neeley, New, Nichols, Orr

Palmer, Pendleton, Petty, Phillips, Powell, Preston, Pyburn

Raines, Ramsey, Ready, Reynolds, Ridley, Rooker, Rose, Rough, Rucker, Rushing

St. John, Sedgly, Self, Sevillirant, Sheckley, Simpson, Smith, Smithson, Sowers, Spicer, Stephens, Stewart, Stone, Sutton

Talley, Tatum, Taylor, Thompson, Thrower, Todd, Tratt, Travis, Trott, Tunley, Turner

Vance, Vincent

Wade, Ward, Warren, Watt, Weatherford, Wherry, Whittaker, Wiley, Williams, Wood, Woodbury, Wright, Wylie.

 paper, 16 pp.