DeKalb County, Tennessee Genealogy from Administrator's Settlement Books: 1846-1907

DeKalb County, Tennessee Genealogy from Administrator's Settlement Books 1846-1907
Betty Moore Majors

Directed specifically towards the genealogical researcher, this volume contains the abbreviated text of Administrator's Settlement Books for De Kalb County from 1846 through 1907. Each entry lists all information pertinent to research and eliminates the cumbersome text often associated with this type of publication.

Void of legal terminology, it immediately captures relevant data ... the name of deceased, heirs, and relationships - information researchers want. As Joe Friday would say, "just the facts maam, just the facts."



Page 151-152. 22 Feb. 1854. Received of Jesse W. Scott, administrator of John B. Scott, deceased, our distributive shares of the proceeds of the personal estate as follows:
Phelby Ann Scott, Widow: $34.31
Manson M. Scott, $34.32
John Sandlin and wife Matilda, $34.32
James T. Claborn and wife Malinda, $34.31
Jesse W. Scott, $34.31
Matilda Sandlin, formerly Matilda Scott and Malinda Claborn, formerly Malinda Scott

paper, 88 pp,

ISBN:  9780788490637