Obion County, Tennessee Loose Marriages 1825-1860


The county of Obion was created in October 1823 from the Western District, those lands in Tennessee which lay west of the Tennessee River and east of the Mississippi River. It was named for the Obion River. The first settler was Elisha Parker who located in 1819 in the northeast part of the county near the Weakley County line. These are the first of the marriages recorded in the county beginning in 1825. The names of the bride and groom are given with the name of the bondsmen and sometime the official with the date of the license was issued and when it was returned.

Example from this volume:

“Francis Briggs to Diadamy Saunders - Jan. 4, 1827 - Samuel D. Wilson, Clk. By John Hubert, J.P.”

“Julon Nail and Abigil J. Brown, Nov. 13, 1842. Bond - Julon Nail and Jonathan Pollock. Ceremony by T. L. Camp, J. P., November 13, 1842.”

1990, paper, 103 pp.

ISBN: 9780788490859