Obion County, Tennessee Court of Pleas and Quarter Session 1834-1835


If the surname you are researching is included in the list below, you may have hit the proverbial genealogical goldmine.

Compiled by WPA Workers ** in 1941, this publication contains the full minutes of The Obion County Court of Pleas from 1834 through 1836. Packed with civil court cases, deeds/estates, overseer records, and promissory note cases, it also includes civilian names (court officials, defendants, and jurors). Of special interest to Obion County researchers are that tax reports that pinpoint landowners to the districts in which they lived.


One tract of land 1000 acres granted by the State of North Carolina To John G. & Thomas BLOUNT, Grant number 226 dated 10th July 1788 lying in the 7th Range and 8th Section of the 13th District. Taxes $11.12 1/2, Clerks fee $1.40, Sheriffs fee $1.00, Printers fee $1.50.

WPA Records

paper, 149 pp.

ISBN: 9780788490866