Overton County, Tennessee Deed Book A, 1792-1808


Overton County was created in Middle Tennessee in 1806 from a part of Jackson and named in honor of Judge John Overton, the most intimate friend of Andrew Jackson. In this volume, the deeds are given for the lands that are in present day Overton County and in many of the original copies, there was no county given as they pre-date the counties in the State of Tennessee which was not created until 1796. They are a great listing of the early settlers in the Cumberland Mountain area of Tennessee at the time.

Example from this volume:

Page 5 - Deed from Joseph Hart to William Douglass November 11, 1806 - 300 acres $3000.

Hart in the county of Blount, granted to William Douglas, John Sharp, John McAllister and Thomas Hart containing 1000 a. con. Being in the Middle district, on the waters of Roaring River, Grant No. 1257. Dated the July 30 - 1793, Witnesses, Joseph Hart, of John McClellier, Robert McClure.

Clk. Joseph Hart
Registered H. L. White.

WPA Records

1990, paper, 50 pp.

ISBN: 9780788490873