Marriage Records of Cheatham County, Tennessee, Volume A (1856-1897)


Compiled by WPA Workers, this straight-forward publication contains marriage records for Cheatham County, Tennessee from 1856 through 1897. Included in each entry is date application and date of marriage, name of bride/groom, and name of officiating authority.

John PERDUE to Julia M. CAIN, License: October 21, 1858, Solemnized October 21, 1858, Officiating Authority: B.J. BARNES, J.P.
W. F. BINKLEY to Jennie ABERNATHY, License: December 22, 1893, Solomnized December 28, 1893, Officiating Authority: Rev. W.F. Presley

WPA Records

paper, 82 pp.

ISBN: 9780788489082