Rhea County, Tennessee Taxable Property and Polls for 1837


The 1837 Tax Listing for Rhea County is one of the first taken by Districts. The State of Tennessee passed Legislation that required each county to be divided into Civil Districts and the 1836-1837 Tax List was the first taken by these Districts. It is very important when one is researching a family with a very common name. Persons of the same name are often listed in the census, but no distinction is made in their residence. This narrows the list down to a District and with the land records, you can determine which person you are researching. Given in this list are the names, acres of land, school land, number of lots, number of slaves, carriages, white polls, and the tax for each.


Bettye J. Broyles


1992, paper, 19 pp.

ISBN: 9780788489303