Rhea County, Tennessee Election Returns and Voter's Lists, 1845-1860



The election returns and voter lists for this time period give a great listing of the names of those living in the area. Sometimes, the census takers will miss an individual or family, but when they came to vote, they were certified that they live within the county boundaries. This is normally proven by the tax lists. The original listings were found in the papers of Darius Waterhouse whose family had played prominently in the history of the county.

Examples from this volume:

鄭 list of Voters polled at Howertons School House in District No. 5 March 4, 1848: 1] Harvy Milliken; 2] Jonathan McHalley?; 3] Jacob Byerley; 4] James A. Darwin; 5] Joshua Goad; 6] Jasper Byerley; 7] Wilson Kilgore; 8] David C. Houston; 9] Wm. H. Bradley; 10]Michael T. Hassler, etc. etc...



Bettye J. Broyles

 paper, 80 pp.

ISBN: 9780788489310