Rhea County, Tennessee County Court Minutes, February 1829-August 1834



The County Court Minutes of any county reflect the day to day activities of that county as they seek to govern the people in their area. These records deal with the land transaction, road orders, estate settlements and probate as well as hundreds of other events.

Example from this volume:

2 November 1829 - Page 46 - The last Will and Testament of Robert Walker produced; proven by William T. Gillenwaters and Jesse Roddy, subscribing witnesses.
Orlando Bradley, by his attorney in fact Frederick Fulkerson, to James M. Fulkerson. Deed of Conveyance for Lot No. 25 in Town of Washington; proven by oath of John Locke and Jesse Thompson, subscribing witnesses.
James M. Fulkerson to Palatiah Chilton. Power of Attorney proven by oath of John Locke and Jesse Thompson. Etc. Etc.


Bettye J. Broyles 


 1992, paper, 151 pp.

ISBN: 9780788489334