Rhea County, Tennessee County Court Minutes, March 1844 -December 1852



Between the time of the Indian removal in 1836 and the Civil War in 1861-1865 was a period of great migration through the counties of east Tennessee. These county court records will reflect many of those immigrants who passed through with some event in their lives. Some of them purchased land for a short time, some died and had their estates probated here, many left orphans and many other events are recorded here.

Example from this volume:

June term 1848 - Page 270 - J. H. Locke, J. C. Ryan, and S. R. Hackett reported; years support laid off for widow of Thomas Eaves.
William Eaves, Admr. On estate of Thomas Eaves, returned an inventory and account of sale of the estate.
Charles W. Ault, Admr. On estate of Pattrick [sic] Grayham, “suggested the Insolvency of said Estate in writing.” Etc., Etc.



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