Rhea County, Tennessee County Court Minutes, October 1866-December 1871



The County Court Minutes of Rhea County, as with all other counties, give the day by day running of the county. Here you will find information on the transfer of land, divorces in the early days, orphan records, road orders, and countless other little items to come before the court.

Example from this volume:

April 1869 - Page 252 - Petition “to permit Washington Morgan to close a neighborhood road leading from the Chattin place on Wallens Ridge to where it intersects the turnpike road near said Morgans field as soon as said Morgan opens a road fromthe said Chattins place to the turnpike road at the mouth of the lane near the said Morgans house.” [signed] [followed by fourteen signatures].
N. H. Smith allowed $5.00 for making a coffin for Mr. Runion.



1992, paper, 75 pp.

ISBN: 9780788489358