Rhea County, Tennessee County Court Minutes, December 1871-April 1876



The Rhea County Court Minutes are records of the day to day activities within the county, i.e. land records and transaction, road orders, estates, orphans and many other records of things that happen in a county.

Example from this volume:

October term 1874
Page 298 - A. W. Frazier allowed $20.00 for benefit of Mrs. McCahan
A. J. Bankston allowed $15.00 for benefit of Elizabeth McCarroll
Robert Killough, Jailer, allowed $15.60 for goods furnished prisoners; quarterage, etc.
John F. Dosson appointed Admr. Of G. S. Marsh, dec’d; bond with P. S. Hutcheson and John E. Pyott. Etc., Etc.


Bettye J. Broyles 


 1992, paper, 151 pp.

ISBN: 9780788489365