Meigs County, Tennessee County Court Minute Book I: 1836-1841



Published by the Rhea County Historical & Genealogical Society, this volume contains hundreds of names of Rhea County residents living on the east and south side of the Tennessee River when the new County of Meigs was formed.

Included are:

  • County Court Minute Book I (1836-1841)
    This section contains everything from jury lists to names of justices, constables, registers, trustees, clerks, commissions, coroners, rangers, sheriffs, and overseers. Also included are estate matters, orphan records, business licenses, criminal complaints, tax releases, and land sales. Examples:

    Martha MC DANELD appointed administrator of estate of her husband, Joseph MC DANELD. After giving bond, she returned an inventory of said estate.

    Mathias SHAVER made a report on an orphan child, Anes Elviry LAWSON, amounting to $6.28 1/2; also $12.75 for boarding said child 17 weeks.

    The States -VS- Daniel BROILS for Basterdy; ordered that a capious be issued against the defendant to the County of Rhea, returnable here at the next term of this court.

    Sarah B. STOCKTON released from a tax on a Negro man and also of a double tax on a Negro woman for year 1839.

  • The Book of Claims
    This section contains payments made by the county on everything from "keeping a pauper" to Jury duty reimbursement, tax lists, ex-officio services, fines, labor done on jail door, book purchases ((too bad they didn't have e-Bay back then)), witness costs, orphan upkeep, and burial expenses.
  • Town of Decatur Commission Minutes; 1836 - 1840
  • Strays Taken up by Ranger; 1836-1845


Bettye J. Broyles


paper, 88 pp.

ISBN: 9780788489624