Roane County, Tennessee Trial Docket Book 1810-1830


Roane County, Tennessee, created in 1801, became an important center for this area of east Tennessee. This was the point of demarcation for travelers into middle Tennessee. Many travelers gathered here until a party was formed to cross the Cumberland Plateau into Middle Tennessee. The larger the party, the safer it was to travel through Indian country. This volume is a record of the court to set down the parties in a law suit and give some indication of disputation of the case.

Example from this volume:

Sept. Term 1810 -
#13 James White, Knox Co. Lessee as plaintiff, defendant was Zacheriah Hembree of Roane County - action: bail 1st John Williams, Knox Co. - 2nd Joel Hembree and Benj. Hembree of Roane, case con’t.
#78 Neilson and Trigg, plaintiff vs Byram and Bridger defendants - action dismissed by order of Wm. D. Neilson and Defendant assigned the cost.

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1995, paper, 87 pp.

ISBN: 9780788489648