Rhea County, Tennessee County Court Minutes, February 1840-February 1844


The County Court Minutes record the everyday affairs of the county in their dealings with the people of the area which are of great interest to the genealogist. These minutes record such events as land transaction, probate records, settlements of the estates, orphans, road orders and hundreds of other items taken care of by the court.

Example from this volume:
5th April 1841 - Page 105 - Farley Brady appointed overseer of Kentucky Stock Road from his ferry to Muddy Creek; to have hands on plantation of David M. Roddy, John Snelson, and John H. Parker to work on said road.

Court received report from Addison Locke, Gdn. of Pliney Locke, Minerva Locke, Rebecca Locke, Susan Locke, and Thomas J. Locke, minor children of Robert Locke, dec’d. etc., etc.

Bettye Broyles

1993, paper, 145 pp.

ISBN: 9780788489693