Rhea County, Tennessee Court Minutes 1813-1815



Located in the lower east Tennessee, Rhea County figures greatly in the westward migration of the early settlers going west down through the Tennessee Valley. The records in this period give some details on the effects of the War of 1812 as several units from Rhea County served in that conflict. In addition, these records cover the day to day running of the county with a variety of entries.

Example from this volume:

Friday the 30th of July 1813 - [Page 22] - John Skidmore VS John Owens - Came the parties by attorneys and a jury (Alexander Forbes, James Galbreath, John Riggle, Jeremiah Jones, Patrick Martin, Josiah Gouge, Mumford Smith, Allen Murphree, Henry Haines, Jinkin David, John Clanahan, and John Shoults) which declared “that they could not agree on a verdict” and a misstrial [sic] was declared. The trial of this cause and that of John Skidmore VS Jacob Wassum are continued “to await the decision of the Circuit Court...”



Bettye J. Broyles


1995, paper, 53 pp.

ISBN: 9780788488283