Rhea County, Tennessee Scholastic Population; 1838-1851



Rhea County, in lower east Tennessee, has been a cross roads for westward migration, as are all of the eastern counties in Tennessee. These scholastic population schedules are taken by districts. Only the 1846 has a listing for all eight of the Civil Districts in the county, the rest are scattered indicating that many of them have been lost through the years. These lists give the names of the head of the household with the number of children in school for that year. This kind of information is found in the 1840 census as well if one is willing to read the second page of each entry.

Example from this volume:

Civil District No. 1 [1838] - Albert Talor -3; Dawson Harris - 2; Joel Long - 4; Samuel Edmondson - 1; etc., etc.


Rhea County Historical and Genealogical Society


1995, paper, 28 pp.

ISBN: 9780788488382