Sullivan County, Tennessee Deed Book Number 10


This abstraction of the deed book numbered 10 for Sullivan County has retained all of the information that is important like names, dates, etc.


Page 47 - George Vincent to Francis A. Vincent - Deed of Warranty - Aug. 18. 1821 - Consideration: Natural love and affection unto his son - am’t of land 114 acres - in Sullivan Co. - Description: 114 acres, being part of land where George Vincent now lives on Horse Creek adj. Bofman’s corner and John Crawford’s old corner now belonging to Jonathan Bofman, and Samuel Bofman’s corner. Wit: Caspar N. Reeve, Matthias Keen, Herculas Lewis. Proven: by Keen, Lewis, Sullivan Co., TN Aug. 1821. Test: Richard Netherland, C.S.C. by Joseph C. Rhea, D.C. Regst: Aug. 3, 1824.

Sallie Hays

1995, paper, 126 pp.

ISBN: 9780788488474