Rhea County [Tennessee] Vital Statistics Record of Births 1908-1912


When Tennessee mandated that births, deaths and marriages should be kept on the county level in 1908, Rhea County complied with the birth records. They had been keeping the marriage records for a number of years prior to this and the death records began in 1925. In this volume of the birth records, you will find: name of child, date of birth, sex, race, place of birth, name of father, father’s birthplace, father’s occupation, name of mother, mother’s birth place, name of physician present at the birth, name of mid-wife present at birth and date recorded.


BEARD, Mary Cathern - 13 Mar 1912, FW Rhea Co - William Beard, Rhea Co, farmer - Harriett L. Beard, Rhea Co. - Dr. Chadwick - 9 Aug 1912.


Betty J. Broyles

1997, paper, 86 pp.

ISBN: 9780788488894