Montgomery County, Tennessee 1798 Tax List


Located on the Kentucky border in middle Tennessee, Montgomery County was established in 1796 being one of the earliest of the counties in Tennessee. This tax listing for 1798 ask the following questions: Persons Name, Quantity of Land - situation of place, Free Polls, Black Polls, Stud Horses, Town Lotts and total of Personal Property. At one point, the names of the Captain’s Companies are given with the quantity of land in each area. On the summary sheet it will be noted there were only 5 stud horses recognized. A map is included to show the area over which the Tax was taken and included portions of Stewart County as well as Montgomery County.

Example from this volume:

BARNET, Robert 320 acres at the mouth of Cross Creek, 0 Free Polls, 0 Black Polls, 0 Stud Horses, 0 Town Lotts, and 0 Personal Property given.

James L. Douthat

1999, paper, 36 pp.

ISBN: 9780788488948