Sequatchie Valley Revolutionary War Soldiers


Sequatchie Valley is a unique geographical feature in Tennessee and contains three counties, i.e. Bledsoe, Sequatchie and Marion. This area was very early in settlement in the history of the state and therefore, many Revolutionary soldiers came into the area to live. This is a listing of those men with information obtained from various sources is given here. Much of the information came from their pension files, but not all of them received pensions and therefore, we had to rely of other sources for that data.

Example from this volume:

MALABY, John - S1772 - On February 11, 1833 says his age is 84 years. He enlisted in Dobbs County, NC under Captain Bryant, Major John Shepherd, Col. Abram Shepherd and Gen. Caswell served three months as was discharged. Etc. etc.


James L. Douthat

paper, 46 pp.

ISBN: 9780788488993