Lincoln County, Tennessee Court of Pleas 1814-1817


Lincoln County, named for General Benjamin Lincoln of the Revolutionary War fame, was created in 1809. These Court of Pleas and Quarter Session for the years 1814 through 1817 give the minutes of the day by day running of the county by the commissioners. There are records of the many activities that take place in a county court such as road orders, registering land transactions, divorces, guardianships, etc. etc. One item of particular interest in this volume is a listing of the grantees with the number of acres, warrant number, entry number and the location of the property. These were the unlisted acres and lots for tax purposes and there followed a number of pages of these unlisted entries. The county wanted its money for taxes.

Example from this volume:
Page 167
John Douthet }
James Duese }
Ordered by the court that the clerk issue a writ of venditioni Exponas commanding the sheriff to expose to sale seventeen acres of land levied on as the property of the defendant to satisfy a judgement that the plaintiff recovered against the defendant of three dollars and fifty cents and all costs.

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