1836 Robertson County, Tennessee Civil Districts and Tax List


Robertson County was one of two counties to be created in 1796 from Tennessee County in upper middle Tennessee. This county was named for James Robertson. In 1835, the State Legislature required all counties to be divided into civil districts and construct a map without professional help. With these Civil Districts in place, taxes, school allotments, justice of the peace and elections could be accomplished on a more local basis. In 1836, the first tax list under the new system was completed and this allows the researcher to place their ancestors into a more local area within the county.

Example from this volume:

“Page 242 - District 9 - Ross, Reuben - 432 acres; Rose, Henry M. - 82 acres; Rose, Amos; Rowe, William - 165 acres, etc, etc..”


 1999, paper, 51 pp.