Dayton, Tennessee Newspapers, Volume 1, Issues from the 1880s


Two newspapers figure in the production of this volume, The Dayton Gazette and Dayton Weekly Leader. There was one other newspaper for the period, The Valley Freeman, but no copies of this paper have been found to date. In these pages, most of the articles found in the few copies of the extant newspapers are given as well as the advertisements. Some of items covered are the booming business blocks in Dayton, a criminal who jumped from the train, a descripton of Walden’s Ridge, Graysville, directories of the County and the churches, and local gossip and personal items.

Example from this volume:

From The Dayton Gazette - 24 July 1885 - “Masonic Lodge - Dayton Lodge, No. 312, meets at Masonic Hall Wednesday night on or before full moon in each month. W. A. Green, W. M. ; G. M. D. Spence S.W.; T. M. Whaley, J.W.; N.M. Keith, S.D.; J. T. Abel, J.D.; R. F. Rogers, Secretary; J. H. Rodgers, treasurer.”

Rhea County Historical and Genealogical Society

2001, paper, 68 pp.

ISBN: 9780788487347