1836 Dyer County, Tennessee Civil Districts and Tax Lists


Located in middle Tennessee, Dickson County was established on October 25, 1803 by the Tennessee Legislature. The territory was a portion of the old 1783 Cumberland Country. It was named for William Dickson, a physician from Nashville and a member of Congress at the time.

This Tax Listing is taken by the Civil Districts as per the mandate of the 1835 Tennessee Legislature stating that all counties will divide each county in Civil Districts. A map and description of each of the Districts was to be constructed by the Commissioners at the time without the use of a professional. This volume has a reconstructed District map with the various descriptions of each District given. The real value of this collection is to put persons in a specific location within the county to help identify those of like names throughout the county.


District 8 - Buster, Robert - 5398 acres
Bell, Montgomery - 350 acres
Cunningham, John - 200 acres - etc...

James L. Douthat

2002, paper, 36 pp.

ISBN: 9780788487583