Van Buren County, Tennessee Marriage Volume A, 1840-1861


Van Buren County is located on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee for the most part. It is a fairly rugged land area that was created in 1840 and named for Martin Van Buren, then President of the United States. The marriage records in this volume are the earlier records for the county. The records, like most Tennessee counties, contains the names of the bride and groom with the dates the license was granted and the day of the wedding. Included in most cases is the name of the official to the wedding and their status such as Justice of the Peace or Minister of the Gospel.


Page 5 - James C. Johnson to Sally Kneel - licenses granted January 3, 1842 and the ceremony was finalized on January 5, 1842 by Jackson Dyer, J.P.

2013, paper, 82 pp.

ISBN: 9780788486678