Lawrence County, Tennessee Marriage Records 1861-1866


Lawrence County, located in middle Tennessee, was created on October 21, 1817 by an act of the Tennessee General Assembly with lands taken from Hickman and Giles counties. It was named for Captain James Lawrence who was commander of the USS Chesapeake in the 1813 battle with the Royal Navy Frigate HMS Shannon. While on this ship, Captain Lawrence uttered those famous words, “Don’t give up the ship! Blow her up.”

In these records of marriages, the names of the bride/groom, official and bondsman are given with the dates the license is issued and the date of the wedding. This is about all you will ever find in Tennessee marriage records.


Page 208 - Virgil A. Johnson to Ann Eliza McLaren by C. G. Porter, M. G. with James P. Tayes, bondsman. The license was issued on Feb. 16, 1864 and the wedding was February 25, 1864.

WPA Records

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