Remnants of War 1861-1865 Civil War Records Bedford County, Virginia


This volume contains a encyclopedia of Civil War Records for Bedford County, Virginia including exemption applications, denied exemptions, letters, supply lists, the Bedford death register, Letters of Commutation, Pensioner's List, Oaths of Allegiance, Widows of Confederate Soldiers, a list of Bedford service men, rosters, and burials.

If you are researching Bedford County during the Civil War, this is a 'must-have' publication.

Exemption Requests: Petitions to be exempt from service.

Example: BURKS, William L., Capt. Overstreet Co. 91st Regt. Va. Militia "I ask to be exempted from military duty for a bodily infirmity of a permanent character, such as disqualifies me, in my opinion from service as a soldier. March 13, 1862 Also has chronic diarrhea and general disability.

Exemptions Denied: Petitions that were denied.

Example: DAWSON, David B., Capt. Andrews, 91st Regt. Ask to be exempt because of disease of the heart of many years standing, which also affects his head and bowels. Dr. Report: "We regard David Dawson as a man of delicate constitution, but not laboring under any permanent bodily impairment". Drs. Spinner & Brown

Letters & Supply List: Conditions and needs of the soldiers and companies.

Example: NICHOLS, Benjamin F., 1 Pair Shoes, 2 Pair Socks, 1 Shirt, 1 pair pants, 1 coat, and 1 hat.

Death Register: A list of men from Bedford County who died in or as a result of the war.

Example: HALL, Andson J., June 1, 1862: Killed in Battle - Seven Pines by a minnie ball. 30 years old. Son of John W. & Melinda Hall. Born in Bedford. Soldier.

Letters of Commutations: Because of physical injury or death, the service of many Bedford soldiers was commuted. This section contains statements on the reason for commutation.

Example: WILSON, Anslem L. Co. I, 58th Regt., Va., Inf., Early's Brigade He was wounded at the Battle of Port Republic on June 9, 1862. He was shot through the left leg and in the right knee, fracturing the bone. He is permanently disabled in the performance of manuel labor. He is unable to walk except for short distances, he cannot perform full work at his trade as Millwright and carpenter.
May 19,1884 - "This will certify that I have known Anslem L. WILSON for many years. While in service in the war a bullet passed through a portion of the left thigh and then through the right leg near the knee joint. Upon examination, I find he has partial use only of the knee joint. The injury to the knee joint is plainly permanent, and while he is able to walk short distances tolerably well, he is evidently unable to perform full work at his trade of Millwright and carpenter." - B.H. Moulton, M.D.

Pensioner's List: A List of Bedford soldiers who received a pension.

Oaths of Allegiance: A list of Bedford County individuals who took the Oath of Allegiance.

Examples: KEANE, R.G.H., Age 37, Attorney-At-Law, Lynchburg, VA; MARTIN, Caroline W., No Age, Died 1892, Age then 82 years, took oath 10-23-1865.

Widows of Confederate SoldiersA list of widows.

Example: FOSTER, Lydia S., Gillaspie, VA; ARRINGTON, Nancy S., Bedford City, VA.

List of Confederate Vets; April 9, 1900, Bedford Co., VA: Provides rank, age, company, regiment, date of enlistment, and length of service.

Example: GAINES, Robert H., Age 61, Rank: Private, Company B., 10 VA. Heavy Art. Regiment, Enlisted May, 1861, Length of Service: 4 years.

Roster List & Cemetery List of Bedford County, VA: Roster lists contain name of companies, officers, and enlisted men who served complemented by the name and brief history of company. The cemetery list contains the name of each soldier and where buried.

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