Smyth County, Virginia Will Book A 1832-1844 and Will Book 1 1838-1898


This abstraction of the first two Will Books of Smyth County in southwestern Virginia cover the time period from 1832 to 1898. The original page number is given so that research back into the original records is facilitated. There are wills, appraisals, inventories, sales and other records as found in the books. The vital information is given in abstract form.

Will Book A - Page 30
Wife: Levina
Sons: Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.
Daughters: Rhoda, Eliza, Polly and Jane
Son-in-law: Dr. Ephraim Ward
Grandson: James Franklin Ward
Exec: two sons
Signed: December 21, 1834 james Davis
Witnesses: Joseph W. Davis, Ransom Tilson, Martin Davis and Rufus M. William
Recorded: May 19, 1835
J. F. Pendleton

James L. Douthat

paper, 33 pp.