Scottish Genealogy, The Basics and Beyond


Scottish Genealogy: The Basics and Beyond is the culmination of over fifty years of historical and genealogical research by Dr. David Dobson in archives and libraries throughout Scotland. As one would expect in a Scottish genealogy guidebook, this publication identifies the major sources and repositories for those just getting started on their research. But what makes this book stand out from all the rest is its focus on the other, less commonly used, sources that exist, which will allow more advanced researchers to put the basic facts they have gathered into context.

With an emphasis on publications, manuscript sources, and archival records, Dr. Dobson highlights ways to trace Scottish ancestors using alternative sources, primarily those covering the years between 1550 and 1850. For each research topic—including statutory registers, church records, tax records, sasines and land registers, court records, military and maritime sources, burgh and estate records, emigration records, and much more—Dr. Dobson has compiled an extensive list of the publications and archival records that will enable family historians to advance their research. It would take years for any individual to compile such a far-reaching bibliography and compilation of relevant records in Scottish archives.

Another unique feature of this guidebook is the inclusion of numerous excerpts from publications and archival records, which will help lead researchers to the sources most applicable to their research. All surnames that appear in these examples are listed in the surname index at the back of the book.

David Dobson

2021, paper, 172 pp.

ISBN: 9780806321134