First Ownership of Ohio Lands


First Ownership of Ohio Lands

Albion Morris Dyer

This important publication identifies the 1,000 associates of the Ohio Company who purchased lands on the Muskingum River, 1788-1792, with such information, in tabular form, as residence, selling agency, and number of shares owned. Additionally there is a two-page list of the “French Inhabitants and Actual Settlers of the Town of Gallipolis” in 1795. Prefixed to the work is an extensive essay tracing the history of the “Crown Lands” and the settlement of Ohio and also listing the purchasers of lots in the counties of Columbiana, Jefferson, Munroe, and Belmont, giving the number of the lot, acreage, price, and political division.

First Ownership of Ohio Lands was originally published in serial form in the pages of The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Volumes 64 and 65, and reprinted in book form in 1911.

1911, (2008), paper, 86 pp.
ISBN: 9780806300986