Early Virginia Families Along the James River, Volume I, Their Deep Roots and Tangled Branches


Early Virginia Families Along the James River: Their Deep Roots and Tangled Branches. Vol. I, Henrico County - Goochland County, Virginia.

Louise Pledge Heath Foley.

This book–the first of three in a series by Mrs. Foley designed to identify the earliest settlers of Virginia–will assist the researcher in finding colonial and immigrant ancestors in Henrico County and that part of Henrico hived off to form Goochland County, and to place them in the milieu of their land patents. To accomplish this Mrs. Foley abstracted the land records from the fourteen volumes of Patent Books for the hundred-year period 1632-1732, extracting all data falling within the focus of her project. Thus, the main body of the text consists of a chronological series of abstracts giving the name of the Henrico patentee, the location and acreage of the patent and date of settlement, with copious references to family members and owners of adjoining properties, and, most important, the names of the settlers brought over as “headrights.” In addition, the final section of the book contains the Quit Rent Rolls for Henrico County, Charles City County, and New Kent County, 1704-1705. The abstracted Rolls, arranged alphabetically, contain the names of approximately 850 patentees of new lands and the number of their taxable acres.

1974, (2009), paper, 272 pp.
ISBN: 9780806308494