Cherokee Connections


Cherokee Connections.

Myra Vanderpool Gormley.

Cherokee Connections is an introduction to genealogical sources pertaining to the Cherokee nation, and it is designed specifically for researchers who are trying to prove their heritage for tribal membership as well as for those who are simply interested in investigating family legends about Cherokee ancestry. It includes a thumbnail history of the tribe that is both fascinating and informative. In addition, the book elaborates on such famous topics as the “Trail of Tears,” the seven clans, and tribal divisions. Cherokee Connections also examines some of the myths and folklore surrounding this famous Native American tribe.

All important sources of genealogical value are explained with respect to the reasons why the various records were generated and where they can be accessed today. This includes such well-known records as the Dawes Commission records, the Dawes Final Rolls, and the Guion Miller Rolls, to mention only a few. The bibliography provides references to other material of genealogical and historical value, while four carefully drawn maps show Cherokee settlements in the southeast and later settlements in Oklahoma and points west. For anyone with an interest in Cherokee ancestry, this little provides instant gratification, supplying all essential information in a mere sixty-four pages of text.

1995, (2005), paper, 64 pp.
ISBN: 9780806315799