Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution



The definitive work on Virginians in the Revolution, this compilation of over 65,000 names supersedes even the great researches of Eckenrode and McAllister. All data that could be found in the files of the War and Navy Departments, the State Archives and Land Office, the County Court order books of the period, early and accredited histories, and scores of miscellaneous sources are included. The men are listed alphabetically by surname, with references to the documents in which evidence of service is found. In the case of officers, for example, the material is remarkably complete. It has been possible to establish the dates of their commissions, when they took their oaths of allegiance, their promotions, citations for gallantry, deaths, and amounts of bounty land awarded them. Even with privates, for whom data is notoriously limited, Gwathmey was able to find men who were receiving pensions long after the war and, thus, establish their post-war residences. For persons interested in tracing the descendants of Virginia soldiers, and who wish to understand the magnitude of Virginia’s contribution to the American cause, this volume is invaluable.


John H. Gwathmey
1938, (1996), paper, 872 pp.
ISBN: 9780806305578