Anson County, North Carolina Deed Abstracts, 1749-1766, Abstracts of Wills and Estates, 1749-1795


Anson County was formed in 1748 or 1749 and, while it was later reduced in size, the records in this volume include the period when the county was at its largest. As the title indicates, this work contains abstracts of deeds (1749-1766) and of wills and estates (1749-1795). The deed books, with one exception, are abstracted in their entirety, as are the probate records. Since no Anson County court minutes exist except for 1771 to 1777, the returns provided here contain information on some wills and estates no longer extant. Also included is the 1763 tax list which, although incomplete, is the earliest surviving tax list for the county. Originally published in three separate volumes, the work is now consolidated, repaged, and provided with a new index and table of contents.


Brent H. Holcomb


2010, paper, 170 pp.

ISBN: 9780806308715