North Carolina Land Grants in South Carolina


The border between North and South Carolina had long been in dispute and it wasn’t until 1772 that the matter was settled. Prior to this North Carolina had issued more than 1,000 grants for land in an area that is now South Carolina–in what are its present counties of Marlboro, Chesterfield, Lancaster, York, Chester, Union, Cherokee, Spartanburg, Greenville, Laurens, and Newberry, an area which was then thought to be in the North Carolina counties of Bladen, Anson, Mecklenburg, and Tryon.

The records of these grants–plats and warrants for the most part–form the basis of this work. The data provided includes the name of the grantee, the file, entry or grant number, the relevant book and page of the original record books, the location of the grant, the names of owners of adjoining property, and the dates of the various instruments.


Brent H. Holcomb


1980, (2009), paper, 184 pp.
ISBN: 9780806311647