The Kentucky Land Grants [2 volumes]

The Kentucky Land Grants
Willard Rouse Jillson

This standard reference work contains abstracts of approximately 150,000 Kentucky land grants for the entire period 1782-1924, and it is usually the first book any searcher for Kentucky ancestors uses. Arranged alphabetically according to the type of grant, it provides the full name of the grantee, number of acres, date of survey, name of county, watercourse, and the volume and page number of the original entry.

Nine categories of land grants are indexed to this work: Virginia grants issued prior to 1792; old Kentucky grants, 1793-1856; grants south of Green River, 1797-1866; Tellico grants, 1803-1853, mostly in eastern Kentucky; Kentucky land warrants, 1816-1873; grants west of Tennessee River, 1822-1858; grants south of Walker’s Line, 1825-1893 (actually in Tennessee); warrants for headright, 1827-1849; and county court orders, 1836-1924, covering grants issued after the General Assembly of 1835 gave each county all the vacant and unappropriated land within its bounds.

1925, (2012) paper, two volumes, 1844 pp.

ISBN: 9780806319049