Abstract of Early Kentucky Wills and Inventories, Copied from Original and Recorded Wills and Inventories


This no frills abstraction of Kentucky Wills and inventories contains only hard facts, which the author painstakingly gathered from original documents that cross seven decades and provide hundreds of names for genealogical research. It includes entries from thirty-eight counties, among them the first three formed; Fayette, Lincoln, and Jefferson, and gives details from documents that are affirmed, witnessed and sworn to by surviving relatives or interested parties.The data is arranged in a straightforward, linear format, separated by county, each with its own index, and includes dates between 1780 and 1840. A general thirty-page surname index allows for quick referencing. The will entries give two dates; the first is the date of the instrument and the second is the date of probate. They offer details about land transfers and bequeathals and include the names of appointed executors, guardians, and family members including in-laws. The estate inventory lists reflect numerous personal items as well as household goods, furniture, livestock, and in some instances, slaves. If you are looking for evidence of hereditary ties to Kentucky these compiled notations of legal actions may include the link you seek that will connect you to solid proof of your family’s presence in the state.

J. Estelle Stewart King

(1933), 2008, paper, index, 304 pp.

ISBN: 9780806302027