QuickSheet: Citing Online African-American Historical Resources Evidence! Style


Citing Online African-American Historical Resources fits squarely in the tradition of Mrs. Mills’ acclaimed QuickSheets, which are used by genealogists everywhere as a guide for citing online sources. The basic citation models given here help researchers evaluate the reliability of online historical sources by recording all relevant information about both the historical material itself and the website that provides the material. In citing online historical sources Mrs. Mills offers two basic style formats: Source-list style, used in bibliographies, gives a short and general identification of a source. Reference-note style, used for footnotes and endnotes, adds specific details about particular information within the source. With this basic template, the African-American QuickSheet provides models for citing common resources such as databases, image copies, transcripts, blogs, books, and articles, using the widely accepted citation principles established in the QuickSheet series. Arranged in tabular format, the sample citations are easy to follow and can be applied to your specific needs in citing your sources. While it provides standards for citing online sources, this QuickSheet is, of course, tailored to the African-American experience, so source citation models bear on subjects such as slave manifests, slave narratives, Freedmen’s Bureau records, and slave census schedules. This QuickSheet is a laminated four-sided sheet designed for heavy use.

Elizabeth Shown Mills

2010, 8½x11, laminated, 4 pp folded. 

ISBN: 9780806318714