QuickSheet: Citing Genetic Sources for History Research Evidence! Style


DNA analysis is the new frontier in genealogical research. Combined with traditional research methods it is the gold standard in genealogy. Four types of DNA tests are commonly used in genetic testing: (1) Y-DNA; (2) MT-DNA; (3) AT-DNA; and (4) X-Line DNA. The successful use of these tests requires interpretation, but in conjunction with documentary research, indisputable genealogical evidence can easily be established.

One of the purposes of this QuickSheet is to show how to cite sources in compiling a genealogy using DNA analysis. As Ms. Mills demonstrates, the standards for citation, evidence analysis, and proof, when using DNA tests for historical purposes, are the same as those for sound historical and genealogical research. This QuickSheet demonstrates how to report test results, analyses, and instructional matter in ways that support those standards.

To begin with, she explains the basic citation formats, depending on whether you cite an online resource or an offline report. To make the job of citing sources simpler, she provides a template which shows exactly how you should identify source list entries and reference notes. Then she provides examples, or models, of common source types, showing how to use them in a source list entry, in a full reference note, and in a short reference note. On this complicated subject, nothing could be easier to use.

Written by the doyenne of source citation and evidence, this QuickSheet is quick to read, handy to use, and is certain to become the basic guide to citing genetic sources. Following the style of the famous QuickSheet series, it is published as a 4-page folder and is laminated to withstand heavy use.

Elizabeth Shown Mills

2019, 4 pp., folded

ISBN: 9780806320298