A Biographical History of Greene County, Pennsylvania


A Biographical History of Greene County, Pennsylvania.  Samuel P. Bates. 2007. 

Comprising the entire biographical and genealogical section of Bates’ History of Greene County, Pennsylvania, this useful offprint contains biographical sketches of approximately 800 southwestern Pennsylvania residents. The sketches are of Greene County families predominantly, though unavoidably some sketches concern families of Washington or Fayette County provenance. The biographies are conveniently arranged in alphabetical order within township and borough and generally treat subjects who were born in the early nineteenth century, with reference to immediate forebears of the late eighteenth century. Typical sketches mention the date and place of birth and marriage of the biographee; the name of his wife and the names of his children; names with dates and places of birth of his parents and often grandparents; sometimes the name of the first ancestor in America; and details of religion, education, military service, occupation, home, and residence. Readers should be advised that since the Table of Contents–virtually an index of names–corresponds to the pagination of the present work, the original page numbers of the excerpted section, i.e., [561-898], have been retained in this reprint.